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bogie drop

Bogie lowering systems with integrated axle and under-body component replacement function

lifting jacks

Lifts designed for streetcars, subways, passenger trains and locomotives, from 6 to 50 tons and from a minimum of 4 to 48 columns

sand refilling system

Supplied for all transport systems to fill the sandboxes of rolling stock with sand, supplied as a fixed installation or as a mobile unit

movable platform bertup

Walkways sliding on rails on the ground with liftable worktop from 900 mm to 5200 mm depending on the model


axle drop

bogie drop

sand refilling system

lifting jacks

elevated rotating track section

bogie rotator

bogie and wheelset turntable

bogie transfer table

auxiliary bogies


fixed platforms

movable platforms bertup


hydraulic jacks for shimming the springs

pit lifting jacks

renovation of depot

commercial request