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The rolling stock roof access platforms are designed to provide safe access to the train roof for routine maintenance or quick inspection. The working platforms are carpentry structures with pre-assembled modules, equipped with motorized mobile covers to close all the spaces between the train and the fixed part of the platform (sliding or tilting covers). With appropriate protections at both ends of the rolling stock, the operator can access at a height, in complete safety, once the machine closing procedure has been completed. Each platform is designed in compliance with the needs of each customer based on the characteristics of their warehouse. The platforms can be supplied with columns fixed to the ground or with a hanging structure to support the automatic modules. The retractable catenary, hoists or mobile cranes can be supplied integrated with the walkways.



Each installation allows to better manage the risks associated with operations at higher level


The activities on the upper parts of the rolling stock are carried out with the utmost comfort


The safey of the plants is also based on a technological content at highest level

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