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The sanding systems can be supplied for all transportation systems to refill the sand into the sand boxes of the rolling stocks. They can be provided as a fixed installation or as mobile unit, in case complete with sand storage silo or other types of sand filling units.

The fixed solution is essentially composed of a sand storage silo, a propeller and local sand tanks, each one complete with one or two dispensing guns. The sanding system is completely automatic and equipped with a compressor and centralized dust filtering unit. Sand transfer piping can be fitted to the roof or inside a trench at floor level.

The mobile unit is independent indeed, equipped with a sand tank (200Lt, 350Lt or 500Lt available capacity), and fitted on an electric vehicle or just a frame movable with forklift. It features a compressor and dust filtering system on-board.



The ease and convenience of use by the operator are the basis of the concept


The systems are intuitive and allow for very rapid learning


The simplicity of our systems goes into maximum reliability and availability

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