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The customer can choose a standard product or ask specifically for his custom-made jack, according to the needs he may have in the warehouse. Our lifting jacks can be designed for trams, subways, passenger trains and locomotives, from 6 to 50 tons each, from a minimum of 4 columns to 48 columns. They can be mobile with rubber wheels, with fixed or retractable anvil with movement on rails. Our lifting systems comply with the most restrictive standards in terms of safety and, in particular, are designed following the harmonized standards referred to in Annex IV of the new Machine Directive 2006/42 / EC on lifting systems for vehicles, in particular the standard UNI EN 1493 or NR / L2 / RVE / 0136 for the United Kingdom.

For the best level of flexibility, we are able to provide a wireless lifting system where each column is controlled and managed via a secure Wi-Fi network.



Each system can always be adabted according to the needs of the customer


Specific and digital functions can be applied to each system


Multiple lifts are possibile separately with a single set of jacks

Our lifting solutions

bogie drop

axle drop

bogie rotator

hydrauilic jacks for shimming the springs

pit lifting jacks

commercial request