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The pit lifting jacks are designed to lift the complete train and remove all the bogies at the same time or one by one, according to the activities. The advantage of the system is that once the system is not used, this can be hidden in pit and it is possible to use the area by people and forklifts, without any constraint.

The pit lifting jacks are normally provided form EMU of at least 3 coaches up to 8 or 10 coaches, that means a system from 6 pits up to 20 pits, considering each coach having two bogies. Each “pit” is normally composed by a lower station, from which the coach can be lifted from the wheels and two or four supporting jacks for the coach. Lifting jacks in pit are motorized, with screw nut system that allow complete synchronization during lifting.



Each system can always be adabted according to the needs of the customer


Specific and digital functions can be applied to each system


Multiple lifts are possibile separately for a single coach

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