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The bogie drops with integrated function for replacing axles and components under the train body are very popular for metro systems with a passage capacity of 30 tons (from 10 to 16 tons of capacity per axle) but also for changing bogies for EMU trains, high speed, or large locomotives, with passage capacity from 15 tons to 25 tons of capacity per axle.

The machine can be designed from a minimum lifting capacity of 10 tons up to 50 tons of lifting capacity or more if needed. With the bogie drop with low pit and lateral extraction, it is possible to remove the bogie, the axles and the underbody components with dedicated interfaces. Three activities with one machine! We can also supply bogie drop for 3-axles locomotives up to 200 tons.



maximization of available space and ease of use are the basis of the concept


a single plant allows to carry out more operations


The technlogical content is at the highest level and constantly updated

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